Hydroseeding Winterizing Tips

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As the cold weather hits and the hydroseeding projects wain, it is time to protect your machines from costly damage by properly winterizing your hydroseeder. By following the tips below you can minimize the chances of broken pipes, leaks and costly trips getting parts when you should be making money in the Spring. Maintaining your equipment should be your number 1 priority to get the most return on your investment.

1) Drain water from the tank by removing the drain plug. Remove the brass T handle from the tank drain plug and coat the threads with anti-seize to prevent galling.

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2) Pour 1 qt. of mineral oil or environmentally safe lubricant into pump housing and spin pump by hand to prevent rust in pump. Remove drain plug and store in a plastic bag , we usually store it in front storage compartment of hydroseeder for safe keeping. In the Spring, you will want to run a load of water through system to remove any residue before running seed through your machine.

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3) Drain the hose by disconnecting it from the pump and unreeling it downhill. The water will drain out. Always position the hose reel so the metal elbow that mounts to the hose reel is at the top. This will prevent any damage to it if there is some water left behind. Grease the hose swivel joint. The grease will push out any water in the joint.

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4) Leave all slurry valves in the open position. To prevent damage from freezing, it is advisable to remove all slurry valves and store in heated location

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5) Grease the tower elbow and spin it up and down and around to make sure rust doesn’t develop internally over winter causing springtime leaks.

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6) Spray the hooks on the safety chains with penetrating oil

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7) Apply a dab of waterproof grease to the throttle cable ends and choke cable ends if applicable

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8) Grease all lube points per your hydroseeder maintenance manual.

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9) Change any fluids that are near their regularly scheduled intervals per maintenance manual.

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10) Add stabilizer to the fuel tank and run the engine so the additive goes beyond the tank. Check the antifreeze in your radiator if applicable.

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11) Disconnect the battery of your machine for winter storage. In cold weather, remove battery and store in a safe, warm place.

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12) Park your machine in a suitable location and chock the wheels to prevent inadvertent movement. Raise the jack so water and snow sheds off your hydroseeder if you are storing outside. If possible, cover machine with tarp or park inside of an enclosure.

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Following these steps should have your hydroseeder running as well as or better than when you shut it down for the winter. Review your owner’s manual and if you have any questions or need parts or service, reach out to your local Finn All Seasons professional. We are always here to help.

Josh Bruno

Josh has been in the erosion control industry for over a decade. Throughout his career, he has spent time as both an engineer and a product manager, where he worked directly with customers to help develop new and innovative products to help them grow their businesses. For the last several years, as Finn All Seasons’ General Manager, Josh has continued to build relationships with customers and uses his technical knowledge to help them select the right equipment to satisfy their needs and help grow their business.

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