Round Top Pounder 300x169 1

Round Top Pounder

The powerful magnetic head on this manual driver holds the round top pin in place at the end. Simply stab it into the ground, and friction will keep the pin down as you lift the driver away. 38″ wooden handle.

Round Top Staples 300x159 1

Round Top Staples

Round Top Sod Staples are designed to secure erosion blankets, irrigation lines, PVC pipes, and landscape fabric in almost any outdoor application. Round top staples are made of 11 gauge steel and measure 6” long. Sold in boxes of 1000 and bags of 50 staples.

Sod Staples 300x159 1

Sod Staples

Staples are used to keep sod and seed blankets in place when installed on slopes or hillsides. Staples are also used to hold seed blankets in place at windy locations. Staples are made of 11 gauge steel 6’x1”x6” and sold in boxes of 1000 and also 50 in bags. Additional lengths available with minimal lead time.