Hydroseeding Consumables

FiNN E Tack 200x300 1

FiNN E-Tack

FiNN E-Tack is a specially formulated polymer that electronically binds soil and mulch particles together for all HydroSeeding mulch applications. FiNN E-Tack can also be used to prevent dust in non-traffic areas and will aid in water penetration in soils low in organic matter. As a fiber mulch tack application rate is 6 lbs. per acre. Packaged in 6 lb. bottles,4 per case. See spec sheet for additional information.

FiNN FiberPlus 169x300 1

FiNN FiberPlus

FiNN FiberPlus is a specifically coated synthetic fiber to improve the tenacity and bonding of all fiber mulches, longer fiber length provides mechanical adhesion to the soil surface. FiberPlus provides better germination conditions for the seed and also prevents mulch from washing away. FiberPlus will improve the results of every seeding job, and it is especially effectible when seeding on slopes, or shielding seed from heavy rains. Packaged in 5 Lbs. 10 per Case. See spec sheets for additional information.

FiNN HLL 195x300 1


FiNN HLL is used by land reclamation specialists, highway and commercial landscaping contractors, turf management professionals and homeowners to adjust soil pH levels. When compared with traditional agricultural and pelletized limestone, FiNN HLL has a greater strength and is more effective in creating the soil conditions required for successful seed germination. Packaged in 2.5 Gal. jugs, 2 per case. Application rate to modify pH moderately 2.5 Gal. per acre and 5 Gal. per acre to adjust severely. See spec sheets for additional information.

FiNN HPN 228x300 1


FiNN HPN is a super soluble, high phosphorous starter fertilizer aimed at supplying all the nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the first 4-6 weeks of new seedling life. FiNN HPN is designed for an immediate availability of nutrients to a new plant in the most usable form possible. FiNN HPN is a 10-44-6 and is 100% readily available at time of application. Packaged in 30 Lbs. pails with an application rate of 7.5 Lbs. per acre. See spec sheets for additional information.

Hydroblend 600 1 300x298 1

FiNN HydroBlend 600 and 900

Tank size packaging for the FiNN T60 and T90 HydroSeeder is now available. This one-step application for turf establishment is the only one of its kind; providing nutrient available soil, faster germination, healthier root structure and erosion control. No matter what your experience level, FiNN HydroBlend is error proof. Just add your preferred seed and Hydromulch and not only is the product effective but application is simple. Package in appropriate amounts according to machine type. Contains: FiNN HydroMax, FiNN HydroGel B, FiNN HPN and FiNN TackPlus. See individual products for Spec sheets and SDS.

FiNN Hydrogel B 300x283 1

FiNN Hydrogel B

FiNN HydroGel B is a polymer that is able to store water and nutrients up to 500% its own size and weight. Once Hydrogel B releases its store moisture and nutrients to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation. FiNN HydroGel B is a plant watering aid used to reduce or eliminate stress caused by a lack of moisture. Packaged in 5 lbs. bags, 8 per case. Rates will vary depending on amounts and types of fertilizer . typically 10 LB per acre. See spec sheets for additional information.

Finn Hydromax 1 225x300 1

FiNN HydroMax

FiNN Hydromax is a proprietary blend of compounds that enhance the early stages of plant development from germination to viable maturity. HydroMax consists of natural plant hormones and vitamins which stimulate early germination and root development. Packaged in 2.5 Gal. jugs,2 per case. See spec sheets for additional information.

FiNN Tack Plus 300x276 1

FiNN Tack Plus

FINN TackPlus is a combination of Finn Tackifier and Finn FiberPlus; speciallyblended to provide both physical bonding of fibers and tackifier characteristics.TackPlus works great with any hydraulic mulch fiber material and disperses thoroughly in water. TackPlus uses the glue-like bonding of FinnTackifier along with the mechanical bonding of FiberPlus to help thicken and hold fiber mulch in place even on the steepest of slopes.

When added to fibermulch, TackPlus creates a stabilized fiber matrix material at a fraction of the cost compared to other spray-on erosion control products. TackPlus can be metered in with existing mulch material at rates appropriate for the specific job site conditions giving you a fluffy mulch mat which allows oxygen and moisture to reach the soil, along with slow degradation providing long lasting stabilization. Finn TackPlus is an excellent high performance tackifier and the key ingredient in creating a stabilized fiber matrix. Packaged in 8.5 Lbs. bags, 4 per case. See spec sheet for additional information.

FiNN Tackifier 300x258 1

FiNN Tackifier

FINN TACKIFIER is an organic tackifier manufactured in the USA and is spe¬cifically designed for use as a hydraulically applied erosion control tackifier. FINN TACKIFIER is used as a stand-alone temporary erosion control product or with wood, paper, or other native fiber mulches to provide superior bonding strength. FINN TACKIFIER is specifically designed to develop optimal slurry viscosity to improve spray ability and pump performance. FINN TACKIFIER disperses in water creating a lump free slurry, saving time and money. Packaged in 5 Lbs. bags,10 per case or in 50 Lbs. bags. See Spec Sheet for application information.