MBH6 Material Blower

Redesigned with you in mind, the new Material Blowers from FINN provide improved productivity, added value, along with many customer requested enhancements. This new T4F Material Blower will include a revolutionary new design and patent pending features designed to make your job easier and you time more productive.

✔ Electric tarp standard to help meet DOT laws for load coverage

✔ Lightweight design for increased payload capacity and more versatile towing options

✔ Fuel tank sized to run machine for at least 6.6 hours

✔ Radio remote with visible set points for engine/blower speed and feeder speed

✔ Convenient hose reel, hydraulically powered, and provided with 150 feet of 4-inch blower hose

✔ Side mounted engine with an open design for enhanced maintenance access


POWERYanmar 4TNV98C (3.3L) Tier 4 Final Diesel, 67HP (50kW
CAPACITY6 cubic yd. (4.6m3)
150ft. (45.7m) of standard 4" diameter hose
BLOWER725 CFM @ 12 psi (20.5cmm @82.7kPa)
7,500 lbs. (3,402 kg)
12,575 lbs. (5,704 kg)

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