Finn Hydroseeder Tank Loading Procedures

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Using proper loading procedures for hydroseeders will increase efficiency and reduce down time due to clogs. Following these simple guidelines will help stop the vast majority of reasons for clogging.

First you want to start your machine and let it warm up. While it is warming up start filling tank with water. Once you have 50 gallons or so of water in tank purge the spray tower, hoses and recirculation lines with the clean water. Purging the lines flushes out any leftover materials from prior use and will eliminate the vast majority of clogging problems if machine is in proper working condition. This process should be repeated after you have emptied the tank to keep your hoses and tower free of obstructions for the next usage.

Once the water level has reached the bottom of the agitator shaft, turn agitator in the reverse position. This keeps materials from accumulating at the pumping system. Now you can start loading your hydroseeding consumables. Loading your consumables in the proper order allows materials to be mixed in a way that gives you consistent dispersion of all of the products.

First you will load the correct quantity of seed to cover the area that you will be able to spray with one fully mixed tank. Next, you should add your mulch making sure you are using the appropriate number of bales for the tank. If using a BFM product or a fiber matrix mulch, consult with your supplier on proper amounts to add to your tank size. The amount of mulch to be used should be fully loaded by the time the tank is ¾ full. Fertilizer is the next ingredient added followed by any lime and growth hormones you may be using. If you are using a water retention agent or additional dye now is the time to add these products. Lastly, you will add a premium tackifier and any bonding fibers you may be using.

Once all of your materials have been loaded, switch the agitator to the full forward position. Your materials should be in suspension by this time. If needed you can continue to agitate for a few minutes, switching periodically between forward and reverse agitation. Before spraying, make sure the agitator is shifted to forward position and paddles are slowed down to approximately ½ speed or less. Mixing at this speed should give you between 10 and 15 revolutions per minute. Mixing at this low speed is important so you don’t create air which may cause clogging.

Now you are ready to hydroseed your project. SO go out and make our world a greener place and save our soils from the damage of erosion. For additional instructions or hydroseeding consumable please call one of the knowledgeable professionals at the nearest Finn All Seasons.

Josh Bruno

Josh has been in the erosion control industry for over a decade. Throughout his career, he has spent time as both an engineer and a product manager, where he worked directly with customers to help develop new and innovative products to help them grow their businesses. For the last several years, as Finn All Seasons’ General Manager, Josh has continued to build relationships with customers and uses his technical knowledge to help them select the right equipment to satisfy their needs and help grow their business.

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